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Introduction - Pg. 1

Introduction recious few products ever come close to generating the kind of buzz seen with the iPhone. Its messianic arrival received front-page treat- ment in newspapers and top billing on network and cable TV shows. People lined up days in advance just to ensure landing one of the first units. Years from now, people will insist, "I was one of them." But we trust you didn't pick up this book to read yet another account about how the iPhone launch was an epochal event. We trust you did buy the book to find out how to get the very most out of your remarkable device. Our goal is to deliver that information in a light and breezy fashion. We expect you to have fun using your iPhone. We equally hope you have fun spending time with us. P About This Book Let's get one thing out of the way right from the get-go. We think you're pretty darn smart for buying a For Dummies book. That says to us that you have the confidence and intelligence to know what you don't know. The For