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Part III: Exploring SharePoint Online > Chapter 8: Demystifying SharePoint Onli... - Pg. 121

Chapter 8 Demystifying SharePoint Online Administration In This Chapter Getting familiar with SharePoint geek-speak Understanding external sharing Looking at various admin roles and responsibilities "Organizations buy SharePoint because, out-of-the-box, it provides them with the ability to aggregate their information and content, sharing it through a companywide portal, allowing them to then drive day-to-day productivity. They often see it as a single web application, with many optional features. With SharePoint, there are many accessible features that enable end-users to do much of what they need for themselves without necessarily involving IT." -- Derek Miers, SharePoint as a Strategic Weapon Author I f you are working for a small business or a nonprofit organization, or you are a sole proprietor, you likely wear many hats. It's not easy to function as your organization's CEO, CMO, COO by day and at the same time be the IT department also by day! Getting bogged down with data security and pro- tection, patch management, network stability, and a host of other IT-related daily tasks takes time away from your efforts to move your business forward and achieve your goals. The folks at Microsoft understand those issues and as a result, they've made it so that administering Office 365 and SharePoint Online is not an onerous task. Office 365 administration is easy, intuitive, and even fun! Setting up a globally distributed organization with a dozen people can be done in 20 minutes. For $24 a month per user on an E3 plan, your business will get Exchange Online,