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Chapter 4: The Digital Video Revolution:... > Getting Behind the Velvet Ropes: Peo... - Pg. 72

72 The Digital Innovation Playbook going crazy. Donald Trump comes in to congratulate her, and all the celebrity judges come in, and they are getting their pictures made with Miss Universe, and she's just trying to take it all in. And hundreds of thousands of viewers log in to watch." Getting Behind the Velvet Ropes: People Like the Inside Scoop The content created with this technology is continuously evolving. It's allowing shows and content to be created that you'd never roll in a live TV truck for, but that content can still have great value. You aren't going to spend a hundred thousand dollars producing a Crowning Moment webcast or The Hills After Party. But with technol- ogy like the TriCaster, you can spend a couple of thousand dollars, use a couple of cameras and an Internet connection, and you have live television content for the web, for TV, for on-demand, for what- ever you want to use it for, all at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend with traditional television equipment. In another example, MTV had hundreds of thousands of viewers tune into a live red-carpet and backstage webcast of the MTV video music awards.