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Crowdfunding 147 friends, the rewards you offer will often be the biggest incentive to back you. The following guidelines will help you get your reward strategy right: · Offer a range of rewards for different levels of dona- tion. The greater the donation, the better the reward. · Make sure you factor in the total cost of providing the reward. For example, if shipping is required, what impact does that have on cost? · Make the reward contingent on you getting the funding you require. · Treat the reward as an opportunity to presell your product. Get creative. Offer limited, premium versions of your products for those who make a sizeable donation. Provide your product to them before you make it available to the public. People like to be acknowledged, so look for ways that you can publicly give credit to those who support your project. Kris White offered those individuals who were willing to back his project to the tune of $1,000 the oppor- tunity to have their likeness immortalized as a supporting character in his graphic novel The 36. Kris exceeded his fund-raising goal of $10,000 by eventually raising $11,474. Be Transparent Trust is at the heart of every crowdfunding relationship, given that your potential backers will almost certainly