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Introduction > How Is This Book Organized? - Pg. xxii

x xii Introduc tion walk sheepishly out of it after failing an IT exam. After you've finished reading this book, you should have a clear idea of how your understanding of networking technologies matches up with the expectations of the Network+ test makers. Perhaps you're relatively new to the world of I T-- drawn to it by the promise of challenging work at a higher salary? You've just waded through an 800 -page study guide, or you've taken a class at a local training center. Lots of information to keep in your head, isn't it? Well, by organizing this book according to CompT I A's exam objectives and by breaking up the infor- mation into concise, manageable pieces, I've created what I think is the handiest exam review guide available. Throw it in your laptop bag and carry it to work with you or get a copy of it on Kindle. As you read the book, you'll be able to identify quickly those areas you know best and those that require a more in-depth review. The goal of the Review Guide series is to help Net work+ candidates brush up on the subjec ts on which they can expec t to be tes ted on the Net work+ exam. For complete in- depth coverage of the technologies and topic s involved, we recommend CompTIA Network+ Study Guide , from Sybex.