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Appendix: Upgrading, Backing Up, and Mig... > Upgrading WordPress Manually - Pg. 381

Appendix: Upgrading, Backing Up, and Migrating 381 Figure A-4: WordPress update messages. Upgrading WordPress Manually The second, and least used, method of upgrading WordPress is the manual method. It's the least used method mainly because the automatic method, discussed in the previous section, is so easy and quick to accomplish. In some rare circumstances, you would manually upgrade WordPress probably because your web hosting environment can't accommodate the automatic upgrade process, or maybe you just wanted to go through the experience of manually updating the software, for whatever weird reason. The steps to manually upgrade WordPress are as follows: 1. Back up your WordPress website and de-activate all plugins. Refer to steps 1 and 2 in the previous section, "Upgrading WordPress Automatically." 2. Navigate to the WordPress Update page by clicking the Please Update Now link.