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Chapter 24: Your Website--Old School ver... > High versus Low Barrier to Engagemen... - Pg. 96

96 U N M ARKETING Then you need to give me a reason to sign up for your newsletter/ updates. The most popular method when surveying these sites was: Sign up for our newsletter! Really? Was the exclamation point the thing that was supposed to get me interested in signing up? Like I'm on the borderline, still a little hesitant, and then I saw it and said "Crikey! They're pretty jacked-up about their newsletter! I gotta get me some of this!" No one needs another newsletter. No one needs "your" newsletter. People always want useful information. Throw me a bone. Why should I sign up? Will you be providing weekly tips on how to save my business money? Then say it. Make your website clean looking, clear so I know where I need to go, and if I choose to take that next step with you, follow through with what you said you'd provide. A word about external links: Linking to other useful content outside of your website is not only fine, it's a great idea. There are