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Lesson 3 Using the 3D Warp Effect - Pg. 91

Lesson 3 Using the 3D Warp Effect The 3D Warp effect is the Swiss Army knife of Media Composer. It is found in the Blend category. There is also a 3D lite version in the Xpress 3D group, which has some of the parameters removed. Both can be applied as a segment or transition effect. This lesson introduces you to the features of this tool, which allows you to manipulate clips in 3D space and much more besides. Media Used: The media for this lesson is in the MC205 Pro Effects project. Open the bin called Lesson 03 3D Warp. Duration: 45 minutes GOALS I I I I I I I Apply the 3D Warp effect as a segment and transition effect Use the direct manipulation tools Understand the order of processing Understand 3D space Use borders and highlights Apply defocus, shadows, and shapes Understand the foreground options