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5 Motion and Timing > Review - Pg. 75

Chapter 5 Motion and Timing 75 Music and Pacing The emotional tone of a piece of music sets the feeling the audience has while watching your show. If you use slow music, the visuals should feel slow. If you use fast music, the visuals should feel fast. If the music and the visuals do not match, the audience will perceive your show as strange, although they may not be able to articulate exactly what is wrong. One of the most interesting exercises you can do to practice with music is to cre- ate a slide show using the same visuals, but with completely different music. Select a few pieces of music that have completely different feelings, such as a country song, a love ballad, a fast rock song, and a dance song. Construct a slide show using similar visuals, but try to make the slide show work with the different types of music. You will quickly see how the music sets the tone of the show and can make or break your slide show. Which songs worked for your visuals? Which didn't? Which effects worked with each type of music? Review Motion adds a powerful flowing effect to modern slide shows that helps the audi-