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Chapter 6 Shooting Tips for Specific Subjects > Shells and Fossils - Pg. 99

Chapter 6 Shooting Tips for Specific Subjects 99 Wind can be a problem. Webs move all too readily in the wind. Sometimes you can block the wind with a reflector but sometimes not. If you are patient, you'll often find that there will be a pattern to the move- ment of the web so that you can time your shot to when it is still. Use a high ISO and hand-hold your camera. Often you will have to follow a spider around, so using a tripod will be impractical. With a high ISO, you can shoot with a faster shutter speed to ensure sharper pictures when hand-holding. Shells and Fossils Shells of clams and snails as well as fossils (which include many shells) offer excellent subject matter for close-up photography. These subjects have interest- ing textures, shapes, and forms that can be isolated and dramatized in a com- position. They also can really offer some fascinating and unusual details when you get down to a true macro level of photography. You can show off things that the average person never sees. You can find shells almost anywhere there is natural water. Sea shells are obvi-