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Lesson 6 Working with Music > Walkthrough: Mastering Music - Pg. 193

Lesson 6 Working with Music 193 Walkthrough: Mastering Music In a typical game music project, music can be exported using either a Bounce To Tracks or Bounce To Disk workflow. Because you have so few cue sections, it will be faster to use Bounce To Disk. Tip: In a larger project with many cues, the cues are typically bounced to tracks, exported, imported into a dedicated mastering session, and then bounced to disk. In this walkthrough you learn how to maximize the levels before exporting. You also insert a quality dither plug-in to take the files from 24-bit to 16-bit before you bounce. To add an ultra-maximizer to the master fader: 1. Create a stereo master fader (see Figure 6.24).