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Part 1: Getting Started > Chapter 5: The Getting Started Assessment - Pg. 15

15 The Getting Started Assessment In this part, you: 1. Discovered your attitude toward learning. 2. Learned to use positive, present-tense affirmations, such as, "I'm a strong competent student," to improve your learning dramatically and, therefore, your grades. 3. Became aware that, in today's diverse classroom, there's support available for students with special needs and who need English as a Second Language. 4. Discovered that tutoring is available for most academic subjects and that peer counselors are assigned to study groups in some classes. 5. Explored how computers can be a help to you in many wonderful ways, but that they can't remove the need to create lucid and interesting writing. 6. Determined your Learning Style so you know how best to study using visual, kinesthetic, or auditory skills or some combination of all three. 1: Getting Started