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Part 1: The Heart of the Mentoring Relat... > Chapter 5: The Trend Continues - Pg. 19

19 The Trend Continues For years corporate recruiters have been asked by job applicants for many types of industries if prospective employers have a mentoring program. For some potential employees and many employers, it is a critical part of their corporate culture. Most employees today want four basic things from work. They want: To feel like they are part of something larger than themselves To do work that has meaning to them and to the organization To be appropriately recognized for the value they add To have a sense of the future and their place in it Effective mentoring keeps these in mind as the relationship evolves. Effective mentoring can positively impact each of these dramatically. Many mentoring conversations revolve around one or more of these basic elements. In today's downsized, flat, and lean organizations, many employees have felt a strong shift or change in their organizations. Colleagues who might once have been in the next cubicle are now in another country. The team that used to think, look, and act alike now features diversity of appearance, thought, and action. This