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Part 3: Seven Critical Mentee Skills > Chapter 24: Skill 3: Use Trust as Your G... - Pg. 58

58 Skill 3: Use Trust as Your Glue People think about trust differently, but it would be to say that trust is important to all of us. In terms of trusting others, most people fall into two categories. Group One I assume trust until you give me a reason not to trust you. Group Two I will trust you after and only until you prove you are worthy of my trust. Regardless of which group you consider yourself to be in, the goal in a mentoring relationship is to maximize the level of trust. The more trust there is, the safer we feel about sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams, and what we need or want. Certain behaviors can positively or negatively impact a relationship's level of trust. As you review the pairs of behaviors below, consider which ones you use and how it might impact your life and any mentoring relationships.