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Preface > SuperSTAR Telephone Skills More Than Satisfy Customers - Pg. 5

5 SuperSTAR Customer Service: A Definition Our other book, SuperSTAR Customer Service, provides the framework for exemplary service. It defines three levels of moments of truth. These apply to dealing with customers over the telephone as well: Moment of misery -- When you do less than the customer expects. Moment of mediocrity -- When you only meet a customer's expectation. Moment of magic -- When you exceed the customer's expectation. A moment of truth is anything you do that directly affects the customer's perception of you or your organization. SuperSTAR Customer Service Treating customers much better than they expect by self-managing moments of magic. SuperSTAR Telephone Skills More Than Satisfy Customers E-mail and instant messaging are becoming critical ways to communicate today, yet the importance of the phone is even greater. With the advent of cell phone use, fewer calls are screened through a professional receptionist, so effective telephone etiquette has deteriorated rapidly. It's your opportunity and responsibility to handle phone calls professionally. The content of this book applies to the desk or office phone and the cell phone. We will focus on areas for using the telephone properly and professionally, and work on turning them into moments of magic for your customers so they keep coming back. These areas are: Keeping a positive attitude Answering the telephone brilliantly Asking questions and listening effectively Handling customer moments of truth Giving added value Customer service is the best business strategy of all." Introduction ­Anonymous