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Part 5: Ten Tips For Tip-Top Listening > Chapter 37: Part Summary - Pg. 90

90 Part Summary In this part, you learned how to listen louder by using listening tips. First, you learned how to take notes while listening. Then, you learned to plan a report of what you've heard. Next, you learned that you must want to listen. You learned to stop daydreaming and anticipate excellence. Then, you learned to become a "whole body" listener and to build rapport by pacing the speaker. You learned the value of controlling emotional hot-buttons and distractions. Finally, you learned how to give the gift of listening. Points to Remember Take notes. They aid retention. Listen now, report later. Plan to tell someone what you heard; you'll remember it better. Want to listen. You must have desire, interest, self-discipline, and concentration to be a good listener. Be present. Watch out for the tendency to daydream.