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Motivating the Millennial Knowledge Work... > Millennial Motivational Issues - Pg. 28

28 Millennial Motivational Issues The goal of the author and Contributing Experts has been to create an immediately usable resource that identifies those specific Millennial motivators, and provides strategies and tactics to address them. A variety of checklists, inventories, and assessments are presented throughout the book. These are helpful resources for immediate application of strategies and are designed to achieve the following objectives: Acknowledge broader issues related to motivating Millenials. While the focus of this book is specifically on motivating Millennial knowledge workers, the reader/practitioner should also be aware of broader human resource management issues that also affect Millennials. Present multiple perspectives on Millennials. Effectively motivating Millennials requires an understanding of how different stakeholders view the Millennial. With this in mind, four Contributing Experts present their perspective on Millennials; the experts are a Millennial, a recruiter, a human resource manager, and a workforce consultant. Explain the research-based methodology that generated sixteen Millennial motivators. Through the use of research and survey