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Part 6: Solving Ethical Problems > Chapter 24: An Organized Approach - Pg. 59

59 An Organized Approach In recent years it has been popular to regard managers as decision makers and problem solvers. The effective manager is often thought of as one who makes quick decisions in a variety of areas. Actually, it is not essential that managers make a stream of fast decisions about a multitude of issues. It is more important that they make a few right decisions in crucial areas of their responsibility. The best way to solve problems at any management level is to make sure that most problems that are inconsequential never get to this level. Reducing the total number of problems a manager has to solve personally frees enough time for that person to handle crucial problems that demand prudent judgment. This includes ethical problems. Ethical problems can be solved just like any others. When a problem you should solve or a decision you should make presents itself, approach it in an organized, systematic way. The guidelines presented in the next few pages are suggested for solving ethical problems.