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Part 3: Reviewing Résumés and Applications > Chapter 19: Part Summary - Pg. 58

58 Part Summary Résumés give applicants the opportunity to express themselves in what they consider the best light possible. Applications provide information in a more rigid form. Determine your hiring criteria before you review a résumé so you can focus on finding the right person for the job. When reviewing résumés, evaluate the overall appearance, organization, education/training, experience, and other relevant activities. A cover letter provides a tailored presentation of the applicant's background relative to your organization. It's important that the cover letter is original, contains correct spelling and grammar in a proper business format, and blends focus with persuasiveness to sell you on the applicant's ability to do the job. When reviewing an application, put the information into perspective. The key to reviewing applications is to have a clear picture of what the job entails. Guidelines for accepting electronic applications via email: