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Part 2: Eight Ways to Adjust Your Attitu... > Chapter 11: Adjustment Technique 4: ... - Pg. 48

48 Adjustment Technique 4: Insulate! Insulate! It's not realistic to think that all negative factors in our lives can be eliminated through any of the adjustment techniques suggested in this book. Everyone, at some point, must learn to live with certain "no-win" situations that cannot be easily eliminated, reduced, or avoided. Almost everyone has worked for a difficult boss and survived. Others have managed to stay positive in spite of a chronic personal problem that can't be solved. Still others have found a way to cope in a positive manner despite a permanent illness or handicap. What is the answer? Work to insulate your focus against the negative factor. Employ techniques that isolate or detach these negative factors so their effect on your attitude is minimized. Find ways to push them into the background, out of your focus, to keep them at bay. Phase I Insulators Here are nine kinds of adjustments people often make to keep a major negative