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Social Skill Builder 2: Adapt to the Com... > Social Skill Builder 2: Adapt to the... - Pg. 47

47 DO NOT ALTER OR DELETE THIS LINE ­ It is here for spacing purposes. STABLE Communication Strengths: They are agreeable, cooperative, team players. Sensitive and empathetic to other peoples' feelings. Communicate well one to one and in small groups. Possible Communication Weaknesses: May get quiet and withdrawn during conflicts. Feelings may get hurt by how you talk to them. May resist or avoid change. Their motto is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Stable Communication Strategies Help them to feel safe and secure. Prepare them for change with details and clear goals. To facilitate complete understanding, ask open-ended questions. Give ongoing positive feedback. Appreciate their skills and contributions. Be courteous and respectful. Stay calm. Encourage them to express their feelings.