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I­1 Index A Accessibility, checking for, 5-9 Action buttons Adding to slides, 4-2 Modifying, 4-5 Animation effects Adding sound to, 2-29 Adding to slides, 2-24 Customizing, 2-28 Setting timing for, 2-27 Animation Painter, 2-33 Animation pane, 2-28 Application settings, changing, 1-2 Audio clips Adding to slides, 2-21 Playing and editing, 2-21 Axes, chart, 3-23 D Design themes, creating, 1-14 Digital signatures, 5-13 E Embedding documents as objects, 6-5 Equations, adding to slides, 4-10 Excel spreadsheets, adding to slides, 6-7 G Gridlines, showing on chart, 3-23 H Handouts, creating in Word, 5-18 Hyperlinks Adding to chart elements, 3-24