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Unit 5: Timeline animation and interacti... > Topic C: Movie clip animation - Pg. 126

5 ­ 16 Flash CS5: Basic, ACA Edition Topic C: Movie clip animation This topic covers the following Adobe ACA exam objectives for Flash CS5. # 3.2a 4.6a 4.7a 4.7c 4.7d 4.14d Objective Demonstrate knowledge of the various functions of the Property inspector. Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of graphic, movie clip, and button symbols. Demonstrate knowledge of symbols. Identify the benefits of using symbols in a movie. Demonstrate knowledge of the difference between a symbol and an instance of a symbol. Demonstrate knowledge of how to generate a SWF file. Movie clip symbols Explanation If you want an animation to play independently of the main Timeline, you can place the animation in a movie clip symbol. Movie clips have their own Timelines, so you can use them to create animations that loop repeatedly even though the main application plays only once. For example, you might want to create a subtle repeating animation for an