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Unit 4: Organizing items > Topic C: Filters - Pg. 114

4 ­ 10 Outlook 2010: Intermediate Topic C: Filters This topic covers the following Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives for Outlook 2010. # 1.4 Objective Apply search and filter tools Explanation Filtering is the process of customizing your Outlook folders to display only those items that meet specified criteria. For example, you can apply a filter to display only those messages sent to you by one of your clients. In many ways, filtering is like searching. An important difference is that a filter remains in place until you clear it. You can set a filter on your e-mail and then view your calendar, and when you return to your Inbox, the filter will remain in effect. Filters affect only the current folder. A filter that you set on your Inbox has no effect on the items you'll see in your calendar, for example. Furthermore, a filter has no effect on subfolders (unless you create a filter there also). To filter messages: 1 In an empty area of the Folder Contents list, right-click to display a shortcut menu.