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Chapter 6: Jeff Tolnar - Pg. 127

CHAPTER 6 Jeff Tolnar CTO and CIO, BPL Global Jeff Tolnar has over 20 years experience in the utility, networking and communi- cations arena including leadership roles within Fortune 50 companies and start-up environments. Mr. Tolnar is presently the Chief Information and Technology Officer for BPL Glob- al® (BPLG). BPLG is a smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy efficiency and reliability. The company provides solutions to electric utilities enabling an intelligent grid to more efficiently manage demand, integrate distributed energy resources, improve service reliability, and optimize cost and capital productivity. He was one of the originating members of the company and is responsible for leading all technical aspects of BPLG for its regions through- out the world. These responsibilities include: R&D, applications development, sys- tem integration, vendor selection, network design, and corporate information tech- nology. Under Jeff's technical leadership, BPLG has won numerous industry awards in the smart grid sector including Going Green East top award winner, Venture Summit 100, and Going Green Global 200. The company has stayed true to its course and in six years has grown from an idea to a company doing business with more than 125 utility customers on 5 continents. Prior to joining BPL Global Jeff held Senior Executive positions at American Electric Power, Sprint, and was co-Founder of Amperion. Scott Donaldson: The first area that we want to spend some time on is your journey to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Could you give us background on how your professional career led you to where you are today?