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Chapter 8: Building Visually Rich Intern... > CSS Frameworks - Pg. 130

130 CHAPTER 8: Building Visually Rich Internet Applications Colors Can Mean More Than Fonts. While it is tempting to use different fonts to create different looks inside your application, one should consider if simply changing the color of text may be sufficient. Use of colors that fit nicely together in a scheme (perhaps using a reference such as Color Combos ( can do more in terms of creating a rich appearance than can changing fonts. The same rules discussed previously apply to color (i.e., color should consistently convey to the reader the same message--is this a warning, an action, a description?); however, the cost is less than the cost of using fonts in terms of loading and configuration. Now that we've discussed using fonts, images, and icons to create a look you would like to have, we'll move into a broader context--that of CSS frameworks, where we can get an entire `skin' of CSS to wrap around our app, with far-reaching effects and consequences! CSS Frameworks Love them or hate them, over the past few years, CSS grid frameworks have become increasingly popular with newbie web designers and developers alike. I blame it all on Blueprint, a CSS framework that became really popular around 2008. Blueprint was created to reduce development time and to stop developers from ripping out chunks of their hair 1 in frustration when they forget what the difference between margin and