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Chapter 11: Third-Person Shooter/Adventu... > Game Framework Overview - Pg. 320

320 CHAPTER 11: Third-Person Shooter/Adventure Game Framework Game Framework Overview In this section we give you an overview of the game framework from a general standpoint and a specific standpoint. The general overview will give you in general non- code specific terms the key features of this framework. The specific overview will give you a more detailed code specific overview of the game framework. General Overview This framework provides the basis for games you can define and create. It consists of various models, such as bots, meshes, and a HUD, that you can use or build on to produce the kind of game experience you want. In this framework we build a player-controlled bot. This bot is issued commands by the player and then executes these commands. You can extend this framework by adding in new commands and the new states that will be needed to implement these commands. For a shooter type game a modification might be to modify the attack command so that your bot will attack certain target types with certain weapons that the player can specify. For an adventure style game a modification might be to add in a new set of commands specific to the needs of your adventure game. For example, you can expand the command set to include a command to have your bot negotiate with enemy forces.