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CHAPTER 2: UnrealScript Overview 51 3. 4. 5. Under the Game Type property set the Default Game Type to ExampleCh2Game from the drop-down list box. Close the WorldInfo Properties window. Under the Play menu select On Mobile Previewer. This should start up the Mobile Previewer with your level using the new game type ExampleCh2Game (see Figure 2­8). Figure 2­8. ExampleCh2Game for our first hands-on example Both the joysticks should be working. The right stick should turn the player left and right and move the view up and down. The left stick should move the player forward and back and side to side. You should be able to use your mouse to click on various static meshes and the Actor name, hitlocation, and zone should be printed out on the screen. An Actor name of None means that no Actor was selected. For now, ignore the message about the lighting needing to be rebuilt since this does not affect the gameplay. Summary In this chapter we took a brief tour of the UnrealScript language giving readers a basic working knowledge of it and saving the details for later chapters. We also took a look at Kismet and Matinee again saving the details for later chapters. Finally, a detailed hands- on tutorial was provided that pulled all this information and concepts together in an applied manner in the form of a working UDK Mobile based application where the user can pick actors by clicking on them through the Mobile Previewer.