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CHAPTER 1 PUTTING JQUERY IN CONTEXT Figure 1-2. Testing Node.js I run Node.js on a different machine to the regular web server, which means that using port 80 doesn't cause me any problems. If you have only one machine available, run the web server on port 80 and change the Node.js script to use another port. I have highlighted the part of the test script in Listing 1-3 that specifies which port is used. Image Attribution Throughout this book, I use a set of images in the examples. Thanks to the following people for kind permission to use their photographs: Horia Varlan, David Short, Geishaboy500, Tanaka Juuyoh, Mervi Eskelinen, Fancy Speed Queen, Alan "craigie3000" Craigie, and melalouise. Summary In this chapter, I outlined the content and structure of this book and set out the software that is required for jQuery web development, all of which can be obtained free of charge. The next three chapters refresh your basic skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are familiar with these topics, then skip to Chapter 5 where I introduce jQuery. 11