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Using the jQuery UI Button > Using the jQuery UI Button - Pg. 508

CHAPTER 18 USING THE BUTTON, PROGRESS BAR, AND SLIDER WIDGETS Respond to a jQuery UI button being created. Create uniform buttons from different kinds of element. Create a toggle button. Create a button set. Create a jQuery UI progress bar. Get or set the progress shown to the user. Animate a jQuery UI progress bar. Specify a function for the create event. 9 Create jQuery UI buttons from input, button, or a element. Create a jQuery UI from a check box. Use the buttonset method. Use the progressbar method. Use the value method. Use an animated GIF for the background-image property in the CSS ui-progressbar-value class. Specify functions for the create, change, or complete event. Use the slider method. 10 11 12, 13 14 15 16 Respond to changes in the progress bar. 17 Create a jQuery UI slider. 18