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CHAPTER 34: The jQuery UI Effects & CSS ... > Using the jQuery UI Effects - Pg. 952

CHAPTER 34 THE JQUERY UI EFFECTS & CSS FRAMEWORK Using the jQuery UI Effects jQuery UI extends some core jQuery methods so that you can animate different transitions for an element. This ranges from color changes to the application of CSS classes. These can be valuable additions to a web application when used carefully, and to supplement these features, jQuery UI also defines some additional animation effects. Animating Colors jQuery UI extends the jQuery animate method, which I described in Chapter 10, to add support for animating colors. You can animate one of several CSS properties that define an element's colors. Table 34-2 describes the CSS properties that the animate method supports. Table 34-2. CSS Properties Supported by the jQuery UI animate Method Property backgroundColor borderTopColor borderBottomColor borderLeftColor borderRightColor color Description Sets the background color of the element Sets the color for individual sides of the element border Sets the text color for the element