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200 CHAPTER 8: Introducing the Facebook Platform Summary This chapter has focused on some of the conceptual basics of working with the Facebook Platform's Graph API. It covered how the calls to this service are structured, how the platform works with your application, and the great hosting service that Heroku provides for getting you up and running with your development needs quickly. Working with Web APIs can be challenging, but fortunately Facebook supports "official" clients for many popular languages, and there are many community-driven extensions in many other languages. One of the big things to remember if you are working with a server-side language that does not have an "official" SDK library, is to be sure that it supports the Graph API, as well as SSL, which is required for production-level applications. In the next chapter, I go into more detail on the various tools Facebook provides for developers to debug, manage, and promote their applications. Defining how your application interacts with your users is important in attracting new users. Equally important is analyzing those who are using your application, and what content they are using. These are all tools that Facebook provides for developers, and provide invaluable information for analyzing the usage of your application.