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CHAPTER 13Management of change > Section A - Initiator request - Pg. 671

Section A -- Initiator request 671 SECTION A -- INITIATOR REQUEST The first step in making a change is to initiate the MOC process. It is very important to ensure that the problem identified cannot be addressed simply by ensuring that existing programs or systems are being properly followed. Given that the proposed change will be taking the facility into new operating regions outside current safe operating limits, it is vital that people be encouraged to think creatively about the implications of the proposed change. When thinking creatively, people will often jump to conclusions that initially do not seem to make sense, yet turn out on further reflection to provide fresh insights. Often the way in which this is done is intuitive; the persons concerned cannot explain how they came up with a particular idea, except that ``it just feels right''. This is why it is important not to be too critical during the early stages of the MOC process -- people need space in which to think. This type of thinking is most likely to occur during informal discussions. Initiator The change process starts when someone identifies a problem that needs to be cor- rected, or when they find an opportunity to improve the facility's safety or operability. This person is referred to here as the Initiator. In the Initiator's opinion, the problem