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The basic rules of REST APIs - "many nouns, few verbs, stick with HTTP" - seem easy, but that simplicity and power require discipline to work smoothly. This brief guide provides next steps for implementing complex projects on simple and extensible foundations.

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"Misleading Title" - by Mark on 29-FEB-2012
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I'm surprised O'Reilly would let this book out with this title. Should be "WRML - A Case for an REST standard"
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"Useful resource up to a point" - by Matt Taylor on 27-OCT-2011
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The first chapters give a good feel for the vocabulary, and good techniques for implementing REST.  A lot of the 'rules', especially those related to basic CRUD operations, are clean and simple with useful examples.

Unfortunately, the later chapters get more and more focused on specifying something called 'WRML', which is a concept/language newly introduced in this book as far as I can tell.

Personally I would recommend ignoring the sections dealing with WRML (or keep them in mind as a detailed example of one possible way of handling some of the REST issues).

As to WRML itself: yuck.  It appears to be an attempt to drag in some of the unnecessary complexity of SOAP with little added benefit.  Not recommended.

Overall:  There is some definite value to be found in this book, just be wary and realize some of this is the author's attempt to 'create' a new standard as much as explain the current state of the art.

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