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Choosing a Shader Compiler > WPF Build Task - Pg. 11

O'Reilly Media, Inc. 4/5/2012 power. For the skinflints in the audience, look at the Visual C# 2010 Express ( or Visual Basic 2010 Express ( editions. Both express editions are fully capable of creating WPF applications and incorporating your shader code. Just like with Silverlight 5, you can use the commercial editions of Visual Studio for development ( The Visual Studio install takes about an hour. I suspect most readers have gone through the installation process many times so I'll assume you know what you are doing and don't need step by step instructions. Expression Blend 4 I highly recommend that XAML developers learn Expression Blend ( ). It contains dozens of tools that simplify XAML UI development and it is a perfect companion for Visual Studio. For the shader developer, it is useful for two reasons. First, it ships with nice set of prebuilt shader effects. Second, it provides a preview feature, making it easy to see the effect without having to run the application first. Installing Blend is a ten-minute exercise. Download the installer from the Microsoft site and follow the prompts. Choosing a Shader Compiler Your HLSL shader source code is just text, any text editor will suffice for code creation.