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Other Tools to Consider > NShader - Pg. 13

O'Reilly Media, Inc. 4/5/2012 Other Tools to Consider FX Composer NVidia has a stake in the shader community and have a number of developer tools. One of their more impressive applications is the FX Composer tool. It is aimed squarely at the game development community and has tons of remarkable features. It boasts a shader debugger, supports easy importation of 3D models, has a particle system generator, test harness and many other cool enhancements. Figure 2-2. NVidia FX Composer IDE It's an impressive tool but I find it overkill for creating pixel shaders for Silverlight or WPF. You can find it on the NVidia site at . NShader NShader ( is a Visual Studio extension, which provides syntax highlighting for assorted shader languages including HLSL, Cg and GLSL. If you write HLSL in Visual Studio, you may find this tool useful. It's strangely incomplete though and misses some obvious HLSL functions like sampler2D(). Visual Studio Next The next version of Visual Studio, code name Visual Studio 11, is available in a developer preview. I've looked at the 3D tools and I'm impressed. Download a free copy of the developer preview ( to see what's coming. 4