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1. Everything You Know Is Wrong > The iOS Security Model

The iOS Security Model

Apple has incorporated four layers of security in iOS to protect the user and their data.

Device Security

Techniques to prevent an unauthorized individual from using the device

Data Security

Techniques to protect the data stored on the device, even if the device is stolen

Network Security

Tools to encrypt data while it is in transit across a network

Application Security

Mechanisms to secure the operating system and isolate applications while they are running

Components of the iOS Security Model

Device security

Apple’s device security mechanisms help ensure that a user’s device can’t be used by an unauthorized party. The most common device security mechanism is the device’s PIN lock or passcode. Apple allows these locks to be forced on as part of an enterprise policy, or can be set manually by individual users. Enterprises can force a passcode to have a minimum length, alphanumeric composition, complex characters, and even set the maximum age and history policies for a passcode. Users can additionally set the device to automatically wipe itself if the wrong passcode is entered too many times.


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