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It’s true: you can build native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with C# and the .NET Framework—with help from MonoTouch and Mono for Android. This hands-on guide shows you how to reuse one codebase across all three platforms by combining the business logic layer of your C# app with separate, fully native UIs. It’s an ideal marriage of platform-specific development and the "write once, run everywhere" philosophy.

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"No use for Windows-based Developers" - by Des on 13-SEP-2012
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This book looked excellent. I downloaded the MonoDevelop environment as requested in the book. Despite its size in downloaded flawlesly and it looks good. But when I went to use it all that was there was the Android SDK. Checking the Xamarin (SDK producer) site it pointed out that MonoTouch (the product needed for iPad and iPhone development) is only available (even as a demo) for the Mac.
   So if, like the vast majority of professional developers who understand C#, you write your code on platorms other than the Mac, the SDK for iPhones and iPads on which this entire book is based is not available to you. Therefore the book is of no interest to anybody but Mac developers.

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