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7. Input and Output Patterns > External Source Input

External Source Input

Pattern Description

The external source input pattern doesn’t load data from HDFS, but instead from some system outside of Hadoop, such as an SQL database or a web service.


You want to load data in parallel from a source that is not part of your MapReduce framework.


The typical model for using MapReduce to analyze your data is to store it into your storage platform first (i.e., HDFS), then analyze it. With this pattern, you can hook up the MapReduce framework into an external source, such as a database or a web service, and pull the data directly into the mappers.

There are a few reasons why you might want to analyze the data directly from the source instead of staging it first. It may be faster to load the data from outside of Hadoop without having to stage it into files first. For example, dumping a database to the file system is likely to be an expensive operation, and taking it from the database directly ensures that the MapReduce job has the most up-to-date data available. A lot can happen on a busy cluster, and dumping a database prior to running an analytics can also fail, causing a stall in the entire pipeline.


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