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2. Maintaining IDP Systems > Support Tasks

Support Tasks

Enough of the background information; let’s get to why the carrier hired us for this gig. As described earlier, this job was different from the normal design-and-install project that is we warriors’ bread-and-butter livelihood.

The support tasks that were required for this assignment started out being very labor intensive, but due to the skills that were available in this tribe of warriors—which is perhaps why we were hired—they were quickly automated and reduced to daily and weekly maintenance tasks. Let’s review these daily and weekly tasks because in the IDP world they are very important.

Daily Tasks

In the carrier’s network, the IDP8200s are not installed in the traffic path, but are attached to mirrored ports of Layer 2 switches. The reason for this is that the carrier is taking on the role of neighborhood watchman rather than traffic cop. The IDP8200s identify traffic that could cause problems for the carrier’s customers. When a threat is observed, the customer is notified that this threat is present. It is up to the customer to determine the action to be performed on this traffic, not the carrier.


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