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7. A PCI-Compliant Data Center > Recommended Design

Recommended Design

Our recommended design is shown as a simplistic diagram in Figure 7-2. The diagram shows a two-layer approach to the data center connectivity. The first layer is Layer 2 switching, providing interconnectivity between any two servers. The second layer is a routing layer supported by a combination of a router and firewall. The router provides connectivity between the user community and the servers, while the firewall restricts and logs access from those users to the same servers. Figure 7-2 does not show the various levels of reliability and virtualization proposed for the design.

Recommended design

Figure 7-2. Recommended design

Switching Layer

The switching layer is composed of top-of-rack switches interconnected into a virtual chassis. These switches are EX-series switches. Depending on the model, the EXs can support between 6 and 10 switches in a virtual chassis. We selected EX4200s because their combination of 10G ports and 10/100/1000 ports provided the features and capabilities needed for the design. They also supported the scaling requirements and the survivability requirements of the design. Their connectivity within the virtual chassis is provided by 10 Gbps links between the switches, arranged in a survivable ring configuration. If a single link were to fail, no traffic loss would be experienced.


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