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2 Camera Technology - Pg. 11

2 Camera Technology This chapter will help you to decide which equipment to use for your architec- tural photography. We will consider your personal requirements and intentions and how they can influence your choice of camera. We will also discuss which lenses and accessories are best suited for capturing a variety of architectural subjects. First and foremost, we would like to stress that you don't need a lot of equip- ment to take high-quality architectural photos. A good photographer can make fascinating photos with the simplest of cameras, while less talented people are unable to produce quality images using even the most elaborate and expensive gear. Expensive equipment is not the key to successful architectural photos--the crucial factor is always the person behind the camera. The camera is a tool de- signed to help you realize a photographic idea. The photographer Andreas Feininger once said, "The fact that a (in the traditional sense) technically deficient photograph can have greater emotional impact than a technically flawless picture probably comes as a shock to those who are naive enough to believe that technical excellence alone is a measure of a value of a photograph." Nevertheless, a set of equipment selected for its suitability to your personal