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The Gender Divide will never let my daughter go there alone. What work is so important that it can't be done with the help of books? No. She won't be brought up that way. The internet centre is a dangerous place. If people see her going there often they may start following her around." Parents are especially wary of having their daughters seated in internet centers. The idea of the small booths with the sliding doors inside of a small closed shop area even in a crowded shopping place worries them. A father on being further questioned on allowing his daughters to go to cyber cafes, revealed his lack of enthusiasm and allowed that if there is an urgent need, and it is not too late in the evening, the same might have been permitted. His wife agrees and adds that the case would have been different had the offspring been a boy. In summation this has effectively ruled out the chances of women from lower income groups Fifteen-year-old Priya likes chatting but rules out the opportunity of making friends online. `That is not why we use the Internet. It is a waste [of time]. Our school has said that those found using Orkut would be asked to leave school'. Parents do not like their children to `chat' considering it a misuse of technology. One popular belief is that the Internet is a tool of facilitating access to knowledge. Children used computers extensively for widening their knowledge base. The Internet has been hailed by parents as it helps their children to become smarter! Advertised as an information resource that would contribute to educational progress, computer-literature use the Internet for this rea- son and mothers are motivated to use the Internet purely for the sake of helping their children with homework. Parents unanimously feel that it was absolutely necessary to be Internet friendly for the sake of their children thereby confirming the norm