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The OpenNebula Cloud Toolkit virtualization, monitoring, or authorization system already deployed in their data center or to tune the behavior of the standard OpenNebula drivers. eration, energy efficiency, VM scheduling, Grid on Cloud, standardization, etc. or are evaluating the Cloud computing model in order to support scientific and educational projects: · · · · · · · · · · EGEE: Enabling Grids for E-sciencE RESERVOIR: Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers D-Grid: German Grid Initiative 4CaaSt: Building the PaaS Cloud of the Future StratusLab: Enhancing Grids with Virtualization and Cloud BonFIRE: Building Service Testbeds on FIRE VenusC: Virtual multidisciplinary EnviroNments USing Cloud Infrastructures Contrail: Open Cloud Computing Infrastructures for Elastic Services CUSTOM: Cultural Heritage and Tourism Store on the Cloud TClouds: Trustworthy Clouds, Privacy and Resilience for Internet-scale Critical Infrastructure IGE: Initiative for Globus in Europe BIG GRID: Dutch e-Science Grid Future Grid: Developing a High- Performance Grid Cloud Testbed GenQuest: Bioinfomatics Platform GAMES: Green Active Management of Energy in IT Service Centers USERS Examples of Organizations Using OpenNebula The following are examples of organizations that are using OpenNebula at different levels, from experimentation to production. Here we try to illustrate research and business use cases but not to provide a complete list of users. OpenNebula is downloaded several thousand times per month from our site, and the code can be also downloaded from the software repository and from the several commercial and open-source distributions embed- ding our technology for cloud management: · · · Hosting Providers: VrStorm, On VPS, NBSP and Orion VM Telecom Operators: China Mobile and Telefónica I+D Supercomputing Centers: SARA, NCHC, CRS4, CESGA, KIT, PDC and CESCA Research Centers: CERN, NIKHEF, D-Grid Resource Center Ruhr, SURFnet, FermiLab, CSIRO, Telecom SudParisand ESAC-ESA IT Services Providers: Engineering Banking and Financial: MPS Professional Services: KPMG · · · · · · · · · INSTALLATION AND DEPLOYMENT GUIDE OpenNebula Architecture OpenNebula assumes that the physical infrastruc- ture adopts a classical cluster-like architecture with a front-end, which executes OpenNebula; and a set of physical hosts, hypervisor-enabled machines where Virtual Machines (VMs) will be executed. There is at least one physical network Examples of International Projects Using OpenNebula OpenNebula is being used in several international initiatives where the world leading industrial and academic organizations are addressing research and technology challenges in enterprise-class cloud computing management such as cloud fed- 23