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Chapter 9: An Inquiry into Young Childre... > FUTURE RESEARCH DIRECTIONS - Pg. 144

An Inquiry into Young Children's Multimodal Media Practices tools or basic computer skills, these children were ready to engage in a deeper level of learning as they are able to integrate media knowledge in a pertinent and meaningful way, work collabora- tively through interactive technologies, and show their work by multimedia presentation. On the other hand, the lack of economic capital poses a substantial barrier to indispensable knowledge that is crucial in this Web 2.0 era and in formal school settings. Hence, we need to study young children's out-of-school media literacy from a social approach that recognizes the inequitable distribution of media resources. are related to school learning opportunities, and students' and teachers' perceptions and expecta- tions of learning with digital media. In order to better understand very young children's multimodal media literacy, the follow- ing recommendations are suggested for further investigation: · Develop a research methodology that can recognize young children's complex meaning making experience with digital media that is interwoven in agency, family and society. Carry out longitudinal and correlational studies to trace the relationship between media practices in formal school contexts and young children's early media experi- ence outside school. Analyze the intricate relationship between economic capital and cultural capital and · FUTURE RESEARCH DIRECTIONS This chapter reveals, through compelling visual evidence and a social analytical method, young children's adroit and efficacious use of and learn- ·