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Chapter 16: Agile Wheeled Mobile Robots ... > SKID-STEERING AT LOW SPEED WITH A 6 ... - Pg. 297

Agile Wheeled Mobile Robots for Service in Natural Environment · · Section 4 concerns mainly high-speed ap- plications and fast steering, allowing safe control based on dynamic stability. This section presents the development of new devices dedicated to lateral dynamic sta- bility and rollover prevention based on predictive control law and grip conditions observers (Bouton, Lenain, Fauroux, & Thuilot, 2007; Bouton, Lenain, Thuilot, & Fauroux, 2007). Application to fast mo- bile robots and light all-terrain vehicles are provided. Section 5 focuses on another high-speed application, this time for obstacle crossing. This section presents a dynamic multibody model of a vehicle crashing at 10m/s on an obstacle as high as one wheel radius. This generally leads to vehicle tip-over. From this observation is inferred a new concept of suspension with two degrees of free- one reconsiders the mechatronics architecture of the vehicle suspension and provides innovative kinematics for improved capacities. In this case, control should be kept as simple as possible to be fast enough (passive suspension or fast adjustment of simple parameters, such as stiffness or damp- ing coefficient). The second classification is based on func- tions. On one side, service robots in natural environments have to perform specific functions, such as obstacle-crossing, which is a challenge for wheeled vehicles. On the other side, some classical functions of vehicles, such as steering, become difficult because of natural environment and require dedicated methods and solutions. Both topics are covered by this chapter, which presents recent advances in designing and modeling the efficient mobile robots of the future.