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Mission Planning of Mobile Robots and Manipulators for Service Applications Figure 13. The convergence of the GA for the problem shown in Figure 10 Future work will be concentrated on applying the proposed concept in more complicated envi- ronments where a set of mobile manipulators are requested to serve a set of work stations providing pickup and delivery tasks while moving safely (i.e., avoiding any collision with obstacles) in their environment. In addition, transferring the method from the simulation level to the heart of an actual logistics system is a significant issue for a possible future work. REFERENCES Ajmal Deen Ali, M. S., Babu, N., & Varghese, K. (2002). Offline path planning of coopera- tive manipulators using co-evolutionary genetic algorithm. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Con- struction, 19th (ISARC), (pp. 415-424). IEEE.