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Sports Information Retrieval for Video Annotation locations and the resultant batting content. An integrated sports game analysis system will be certainly appreciated by the sports professionals and the audience. Chang, P., Han, M., & Gong, Y. (2002). Extract highlights from baseball game video with hid- den Markov models. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2002) (Vol. 1, pp. 609-612). Chen, D. Y., Hsiao, M. H., & Lee, S. Y. (2006a). Automatic closed caption detection and filtering in MPEG videos for video structuring. Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 22(5), 1145­1162. Chen, H. S., Chen, H. T., Tsai, W. J., Lee, S. Y., & Yu, J. Y. (2007b). Pitch-by-pitch extraction from single view baseball video sequences. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Confer- ence on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2007) (pp. 1423-1426). Chen, H. T., Chen, H. S., Hsiao, M. H., Chen, Y. W., & Lee, S. Y. (2006b). A trajectory-based ball tracking framework with enrichment for CONCLUSION Sports content is expected to be a key driver for compelling new infotainment applications and services due to the mass requirements and spe- cific needs. The establishment of digital library in sports domain brooks no delay. The inherent structures of sports video which are amenable for automatic processing inspire much research. In this paper, we review the development of sports video analysis and describe several research issues, including: shot classification, highlight extrac- tion, trajectory-based analysis, computer-assisted umpiring based on multiple cameras and other