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Chapter 1: Digital and Inter-Generationa... > CONCLUSION: DON'T BREAK THE MEMORY L... - Pg. 15

Digital and Inter-Generational Divide Figure 4. generational distinctions break down. Generation V hops across segments at various times of life for various reasons and is likely to act like several generations at any given time. "For Generation V, the virtual environment provides many aspects of a level playing field, where age, gender, class and income of individuals are less important and less rewarded than competence, motivation and effort", said Adam Sarner, principal analyst at Gartner. We are generation V members; what does that make the rest; what can we do to overcome the digital generational divide inside our home or classroom or society? How can those of us who were not born into the digital generation handle the problem? and experimental point of view, is to construct a bridge between digital native and digital immi- grants. In more detail: the Memory Line project aims to train groups of elderly and young citizens, living in the project's partner countries, to collect records (stories, songs, poems, experiences, etc.) in order to ensure their conservation and dissemi- nation. We aim to create a model of cooperation and inter-regional and intergenerational learning based on memory and communication, and to promote innovative experiences within the area of lifelong training. The main research issues are: · How can the relationship between memo- ry, knowledge and communication be af- fected by the passage from an analogical civilization to a digital civilization? How can this be translated into practice? There are two intertwined topics in the project: · Intergenerational digital divide: how do old and young people relate to new digi- tal technologies? Are there relevant dif- CONCLUSION: DON'T BREAK THE MEMORY LINE! We work with the aim to contribute to outline better the different dimensions of the digital generational divide problem. The goal of our qualitative action research project from a theoretical, methodological · 15