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Chapter 5: A Framework for Digital Compe... > CONCLUSION, TEACHING SUGGESTIONS AND... - Pg. 60

A Framework for Digital Competence Assessment proven to alter the perception of ethical behaviors in the subjects. As regards the last question, the following results from the most recent experiences carried out by the author must be reported: 1) The Open Source instruments for the man- agement of documents and the creation of Learning Objects, have been positively used from teachers in their everyday work, The questionnaire developed under the guidelines of the framework for digital com- petence assessment (especially its cognitive dimension), has been considered very useful from teachers, to discover undeveloped or less developed languages (i.e., sections) and skills in the students (Cartelli, 2010b), The use of instruments involving students and families in the continuous monitoring of school processes and in the updating of students learning and educational data, had positive effects on the evolution of teaching- CONCLUSION, TEACHING SUGGESTIONS AND FUTURE STUDIES In the above section a framework for digital competence assessment has been proposed as the result of successive transformations and integra- tions. Main questions are: 1. 2. 3. Is the new framework the final one? Will the instruments used so far, be sufficient to assess the students' digital competences? What suggestions can be given to teachers to improve the students' digital competences and more generally their teaching? 2) 3)